Regardless of his or her position or participation in the activities of Munsel Meditation, everyone has a responsibility to behave in accordance with the ethical code described on this page and with the law of the country.


We respect the individuality and diversity of everyone. We value a loving and friendly attitude ; even if we disagree with someone.


We will respect our agreements and if for unforeseen reasons it won’t be possible. Then we will do our best to find a solution. We treat all information confidentially (we do not distribute personal information about each other via the media and/or social media). We respect the boundaries of each other and guard our own boundaries. We value honesty with each others.


As a team we continue to develop the quality of our workshops/courses . We try to solve problems as quickly as possible and dare to take initiatives. We regularly evaluate our working methods. We are open to learn.

Discrimination,threats/intimidation, sexual harassment, physical or verbal violence, soft & hard drugs are not accepted within the activities of Munsel Meditation.

In the event of inappropriate behavior, the individual will be warned, and we will seek to resolve the conflict through dialogue.

Depending on the degree of the situation, the following actions may be considered: a ban from all activities or from working for Munsel Meditation. A breach of the law may be reported to the authorities.