I have no particular affinity with Buddhism, does it make sense to participate in your workshops/courses?

The art of meditation and compassion can be practiced by anyone. You will learn to get used to the peace and clarity of your own mind; and to be a friend to yourself and others.  You don’t need to believe in any particular doctrine. We respect everyone: followers of all traditions and followers of none. 

I am curious about the wisdom of the Buddha, what can you do for me?

The source of our inspiration is Tibetan Buddhism, and we offer a wide range of workshops and courses adapted for beginners and advanced students. According to your previous understanding and experience, we can discuss together during a free intake what would be the most appropriate for you.

What can I expect from meditation?

Meditation can have a beneficial effect on many aspects of our life, including:

Health: strengthen the immune system, increase the ability to deal with illness, relieve stress.

Emotions: brings balance, resilience and teaches you how to let go. 

Relationships /family: helps to develop patience, acceptance and unconditional love.

Work: improve our focus, creativity and efficiency. 

Life purpose: helps to find trust and wisdom.

I cannot sit on a meditation cushion (for a long time), what can I do?

Let us know when you register, you can sit on a chair. We also have small breaks during the sessions.

I have another question …

For other questions, please visit the contact page of this website. Fill in the contact form, call us or email us and we will answer your question as soon as possible.