“To study the wisdom of the Buddha, is to study ourselves. To study ourselves, is to forget ourselves.” – Dogen-zenji

This course is proposed to anyone who wish to discover the Buddhist perspective.

Let’s take some time to understand how the science of the mind, the philosophy and the spiritual path can merge together?

By developing the skills of listening, contemplating and meditating, we can make the journey from the head to the heart.

This is the inner adventure that brings us closer to our true nature.   

Discovering the Buddha 1

  • Week 1: Origins & streams
  • Week 2: The Buddha
  • Week 3: The Dharma
  • Week 4: The Sangha

Discovering the Buddha 2

  • Week 1: Impermanence
  • Week 2: Dissatisfaction
  • Week 3: Reality
  • Week 4: Nirvana