Our quest for happiness is sometimes compromised by the stress and challenges in our daily lives. Nowadays, there are many alternatives, but do they really work? Can we accept that there are things we can change and some things we cannot?

This course is an interactive process open to all. We will experience the art of meditation with simplicity and share the foundations of Buddhist philosophy and its science of mind.

Why this course is different:

  • Because we will seek to undertstand our human condition.
  • The focus is not only on technique, but also on motivation and purpose.
  • Because it can be a comforting at times to share with people who are searching for authenticity.
  • Because this is not about short-term solutions but about underdtanding the bigger picture. 
  • Because we will share the insights from a living wisdom tradition: from the Buddha to the Dalai Lama and many other remarkable teachers 

  • Week 1: Stress, three steps
  • Week 2: Change is coming…
  • Week 3: Dissatisfaction
  • Week 4: Projections and reality